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Cubicle Workstations

The concept of cubicle workstations is not new. However, they have gained renewed acceptance with the introduction of modular office furniture. The style and layout of cubicles has changed from time to time. From individual cubicles to row style cubicles to many others, the workstations have evolved with changing office requirements. Cubicles generally are separated with partitions that are around five to six feet in height. While undergoing variations, the present age cubicles have become a necessary part of the contemporary office set-ups. Offering a range of benefits, cubicles are the symbol of modern working environment.

The major benefit of cubicles is that they offer privacy to the employees. One of the researches mentions that employees who work in cubicles are found to be more productive and enthusiastic. With cubicles, employees can even personalize their space and make it according to their requirements. Cubicles are said to avoid unnecessary distractions that take place regularly in work environment. This ultimately improves the concentration and focus of employees. Cubicles even offer additional storage spaces to employees. As everything is stored in the same cubicle, the effort of employees to search them reduces considerably. Most of the office offer cubicles to their middle level managers.
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