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Furniture Accessories

Furniture Accessories
While selecting furniture accessories for planning and setting up office furniture, it is essential for the management to focus on the comfort and easy implementation of these accessories. Ad hoc installation of these furniture accessories can bring in great loss. Hence in order to ensure appropriate productivity and work atmosphere, furniture accessories must be installed with great effectiveness and accuracy. The accessories should be selected in such a way that it reduces fatigue and keep the workspace clutter free. The elegance of the accessories enhances the pride and the style reduces the stress level of the employee.

Explore these few important aspects necessary while choosing the furniture accessories:
- The head should be upright while viewing the monitor.
- The monitor could be at an eye level of the person using it.
- The body and the shoulder should be relaxed. The seating should be comfortable.
- The wrist should not bend upwards or downwards while using the keyboard.
- The elbow of the person should be next to their side and the fore arm should be parallel to the floor. The forearm can bend a bit downwards.
- The keyboard tray should be such that it is tilted upwards. The keyboard should be at such a height that it allows the user to type with his upper arm relaxed.

Types of accessories:
FLAT SCREEN HOLDER: They hold the computer screens to the wall. There are various types of holders namely wall mount, extendable arm wall mount, single arm, double arm, quadruple arm, etc. These holders make the work quite easy for the employees. The screen can be moved easily from left to right and vice versa. As they are wall mounted, it reduces the clutter from the desk.

KEYBOARD STATION: There are articulated keyboard station and computer keyboard station. They are used to keep the keyboard and make it very convenient for the user to use the keyboard. There are many other accessories to choose from like CPU holder, tablet stand, roll top, foot step etc.
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