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Linear Workstations

Linear Workstations
Office set-ups where a number of employees work on the same level and have a horizontal hierarchy can opt for linear workstations. Linear style workstation is one of the most common layouts preferred in offices. Contemporary offices mostly opt for linear workstation as it allows employees to even share the furniture accessories. This is because the seating of the employees is next to each other. Among linear workstation, there are different settings. While many offices can go for single desk divided by partitions, others prefer small desks arranged in a linear format. The latter gives privacy to the employees and helps them concentrate on their work.

In a linear format, every employee is given a modular chair, soft boards and cupboards. The type of furniture offered depends upon the requirement. At times, the storage area in offices is common and is fitted with modular cupboards. Linear workstations are said to encourage team building between employees as they work quite close to each other. Flexibility is the primary benefit of linear workstations. Referred to as straight or row type workstations, the format is quite adaptable. Available in different sizes, businesses can expand their set-ups with linear workstations whenever the team expands.
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