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When employers plan out their workplace, they often choose to separate it into smaller areas using office partitions. Whilst this is a cheap and inexpensive way to create separate office spaces for their employees, partitions also offer a number of other benefits to the employer, employee and the workplace as a whole.

- Partitions promote a sense of concentration throughout the workplace, as they separate employees from each other. It minimizes the amount of distractions the employees are subjected to. No one wants to overhear someone else's conversation or phone call while they are trying to work.

- They provide a sense of privacy for employees, which is especially important if they need to make or take phone calls which are of a sensitive nature during work hours. This can be a problem when there are other people around who could overhear.

- An office partition adds to the attractiveness and professionalism of the workplace. They are available in a range of materials including timber, fabric, plasterboard, metal and glass. They are also finished with a range of treatments and colours.

- They help to prevent the spread of sound throughout the workplace. Therefore they should make in full height style to prove their effectiveness.

- Partitions are useful in splitting up individual departments, making it easier for visitors and people new to the office to find their way around and locate the people that they need to speak to.

- They create additional storage space for the employees seated within them, as the partition walls can have a pin board or have baskets attached to them for filing. One can also attach a whiteboard for an easy solution for employees to leave notes for each other.
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